Accomplished. Passionate. Supportive. Rule-benders. Big hearts.
Laughter junkies. Strong. Vulnerable. Results-driven. Tenacious. Students.
Teachers. Basically, kick-ass in every way.

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats. Our entire team partners with each and every one of our athletes to ride the inevitable high’s-and-low’s of training together. Not just one coach, but a crew of elite specialists touch each and every one of our athletes. Communal, consistent, flexible - and at sensible price points. All including tailored training programs with data-driven, evidence-based methods of success. In other words, we got your back. Oh yeah, and we have FUN.


I’m a self-confessed endurance junkie who does double time as the captain of the Rising Tide Triathlon Coaching (RTTC) ship. I’ve raced down Ali'i drive 5X, placed 2nd in Kona, and love to share my expertise with our diverse athletes and coaches.


I’m a professional triathlete with 11 Ironmans and 20+ Half Ironmans under my belt. In 2014 I finished 3rd at Ironman Coeur D’Alene, 5th at Lake Stevens 70.3, and 6th at Ironman Wisconsin. Then, in 2015, I had a baby. I know what it means to balance, work, sport, and raising a little one.


It takes a village to raise a successful triathlete. I build relationships with our athletes to strengthen their mental, physical and emotional immune system. My jam is making triathletes athletes strong as heck, so they start strong and finish stronger. 


As a geologist specializing in planetary science and remote sensing, I’m a proud data nerd. Success is built upon using in-depth data to direct our athletes’ training. I write many of the RTTC athletes training plans, ask me anything!


I’m an Environmental Exercise Physiologist and Nutrition Scientist specializing in sex differences in response to exercise heat stress, recovery, and nutritional adaptations for health, body composition, and maximizing performance. I run a nutrition program for RTTC athletes only.  


I believe in the power of change, facing your fears head on, and trying something that scares the crap out of you. Years of multisport experience have taught me how to balance the fun and the fierce. I like hard work, and I bet you do too. 


As a registered dietitian specializing in women's health and nutrition, I love working with athletes who are beginning their triathlon journey or stepping up to a new distance. I feel very strongly about triathlon being a sport for EVERY woman. 


Excellence has little time for doubt.