Motivation/Know Thyself

How do you roll?? How do you operate? Grab a pad of paper and learn more about yourself through the exploration webinar to unlock what motivates you! 

Goal Setting the non traditional way

Most atheltes fail to set up proper action items that relate to their goals. 

How to set goals and take action that will really effect your bottom line. 


Seahorses are special because they know how to persevere, to stick to something. 

Watch here as we unpack perseverance to gain insight into the self.


Fast Forward to 3:30 in ... glitch!

The number one desire of all athletes, so maintain confidence, build confidence, or strengthen confidence. Watch here as we shed light on this important topic.


Q: You keep mentioning meditation, but I need some help in this area, do you have any resources to get me started?

A: Absolutely, we made a handy dandy sheet with a list of our current meditation resources for you: Meditation Resources: DOWNLOAD HERE