working with rttc is unlike any other because the philosophy of health first is not only how they run their business but it’s also how the coaching relationship forms.
— Ellen Wexler

Ellen Wexler

  • 2X Kona Qualifier
  • 6X Ironman Athlete
  • would ride her bike all day long for weeks if you let her
  • aspiring fish in the water
  • recently married
  • lives in DC

She understood what it was like to be a mom and to work full time. As much as I love triathlon, it just couldn’t rule my life.
— Emily Smith, Golden, CO

Emily Smith


  • Kona legacy Lottery Finisher
  • Leadville 100 Run Finisher
  • 13X Ironman athlete
  • Mom, wife, aspiring mountain biker
  • Lives in Colorado

I’ve gotten to the point where I feel ready to push to the next level and a lot of that comes from years of working with RTTC and trusting in the process.
— Morgan Zornes

Morgan Zornes

  • Racing since 2003
  • 8x IM finisher
  • 11x marathon finisher
  • 9x 70.3 finisher
  • 1x Maratona dles Dolomites finisher
  • Wife to Jeff, senior dog mom to an English mastiff and Doberman
  • Lives in Ventura, CA but left her heart in Colorado

They’re looking at the whole picture of who I am as a person, and then showing me that it IS POSSIBLE to grow into the athlete I crave to be WITHOUT sacrificing the beautiful life I’ve created with my family. I CAN have both!
— Jessica Hooten, Farmers Branch, TX

Jessica Hooten

  • Racing since 2015
  • Podium finish in 3 events
  • Qualified for USAT Age Group Nationals 2017
  • Took 24 minutes off my Olympic time in 1 year
  • Wife to Clay and mom to the cutest and sassiest 5-year-old you’ve ever seen, Quinn

It was important to me to have someone who believed in my pursuit. There was no doubt that when we were training for Ironman that Sonja’s goal for me was to finish in the way I wanted to finish.
— Shannon M., Marina Del Ray, CA


  • 24 marathons and counting
  • 4 x 50k+,
  • 4 x Half Ironman
  • IRONMAN Vineman finisher
  • Living and training in Los Angeles
  • Cat mom to mustachio

RTTC feels like family. I’ve made great friends and they kick ass and make the training fun.
— Gretchen Placke, Seabrook, TX

Gretchen Placke

  • 6 time Ironman finisher
  • many half Ironmans, half marathons, a few marathons, a 50 miler and various endurance bike rides & trail runs
  • Won trail marathon
  • 6th AG at IMSanta Rosa
  • Finished a 50miler with 11,000 ft of climbing, Pikes Peak Ascent, and Double Triple Bypass (all while living at sea level)
  • Dog mom to Speedy who loves going on long runs and swimming

Virtual thank you, high five, and hug. For today, the season, and figuring me out and giving me so much help and attention.
— Cory Robinson, Denver CO
funtofast - 3.jpg

Carolyn Basista, Washington DC

Sonja always vets athletes with their coaches, but it's all the same moral fiber across the coaching team. The Facebook page, office hours, camps, it's all the same support and philosophy.


Erin Donaghy, Houston TX

I loved being able to talk to Coach Mikki, call, text, or write a long email. I could bounce ideas off her, get a change in schedule. She was a constant cheerleader, encouraging me to keep going. Sometimes you have a bad day, she always helped me through.

i’ve had coaches “think and plan” for me but never challenged me - this to me has been such a gratifying experience
— Stephanie Brealey, Washington DC

Stephanie Brealey

In January when I started with Audra I knew from the very beginning that I was in for a wild ride (in a great way). She has challenged me every single week. She has made a stronger version of myself. I used to look at workouts from 2 weeks down the schedule and say to my self "audra is nuts, i can't do this. no way i can hold those paces" and when the day arrived I go out and i do the workout and feel like a bad-ass. Now I am not affraid of looking at those workouts, I embrace them and look forward to them. Herself, Cindy, Mikki (all whom have at one moment commented/worked on my schedule) have been amazing.