Athletes often get grumpy, frustrated, sick, or feel injuries creeping up during taper time.

Learn how to relax and enjoy your taper, without killing anyone in the process.

Travel Tips for Racing

What do you need to think about when taking a travel trip for racing? We cover all the essentials in this video and provide an excel file with various packing lists for you to use.


Race Plan Creation

So many atheltes fumble on the one yard line because they don't create a race plan. 

Three reasons why you should:
-- communication with your coach
-- so you don't forget stuff
-- peace of mind

Packing your race bags for Ironman

One of the most stressful aspects of Ironman racing (especially for first timers) 

What do you put in those darn bags.

Here, Coach Sonja strips it down to the essentials and discusses exactly what goes in, and what DOES NOT go in all those bags. 


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