Why did you get into triathlon?
Funnily enough, everything started when I myself was a client of Rising Tide. I was coached under them in 2011, with hopes of qualifying for the Boston Marathon, having never done a triathlon before. With this brief exposure to the sport, I became hooked. It gave me a sense of direction that had been missing in recent years. From then on, triathlons provided me with an outlet for staying healthy as well as helping me achieve my life goals and personal objectives.

What triathlon experience do you have?
I’m now a two-time Boston Marathon qualifier and I’ve completed four Ironman races with no intentions of stopping there!

What do you think is the secret to triathlon success?
People get stuck by the idea that they are ‘never enough’. The journey that I’ve taken through triathlon has taught me that this is a flawed concept. The simple act of doing something; anything, that challenges your own status-quo, is the first step towards becoming something amazing. Investing in creating a change may not guarantee the outcome, but doing nothing certainly will.

What is your approach to working with athletes?
By day, I am a geologist that specializes in planetary science and remote sensing. This is an elaborate way of saying that I am a numbers-nerd and love playing with data. When I work with athletes, I use the same scientific rigor to bring out their best. What are the numbers telling us? How are we tracking against goals? What trends can we infer? And most importantly, how do we use all this knowledge to drive high performance?

How have triathlons enhanced your life?
People gain an awareness of living in the present moment through a variety of ways: Meditation, yoga, hiking, gardening, etcetera. For me, learning to focus on the present has come with my passion for triathlons. A greater connection to my thoughts, relationships, and general life balance – these are all things that are part-and-parcel of triathlons. I now transfer that mindfulness across all aspects of my life.


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