Take a DEEP DIVE into the Kona swim course!

Rising Tide Triathlon Coaching is hosting a private swim clinic in Kailua-Kona with International Swimming Hall of Fame inductee Karlyn Pipes of Aquatic Edge. 


Wednesday October 5th 8-11am, 2016



WHEN: Wednesday 10/5, 8-11am

WHERE: We meet on the beach to the right side of the pier next to the King Kam resort, in beautiful Kailua-Kona!

WHAT: Instruction from Karlyn on land and in the water, and then Q&A time with Karlyn after we get out of the water. RTTC coaches will be on hand to answer Kona course questions throughout the clinic as well. Great time to pick the brains of multiple Kona finishers! 



Karlyn will start off with instruction on the Ironman World Championship swim course, including currents, course structure, race morning run through, warm up instructions, and island history. Then everyone hops in the water where Karlyn will swim alongside you while you are on the official swim course. While you swim, Karlyn will offer open water swimming instructions including water skills, drills, sighting and drafting. 

Finally we will have ample time for Q&A the the opportunity to soak up the Karlyn Aloha Spirit! 


  • Inspirational Speaker
  • Author of The Do-Over
  • Swim Technique Guru


Karlyn lives in Kona, Hawaii, up on the hill, with a beautiful view of Kona. The Ironman swim course is her home turf. She swims the course in 51 minutes and knows every twist, turn, current and landmark. 

Karlyn was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame in 2015, she was voted the top ten masters swimmer of all time by swimming world magazine and has broken over 200 FINA masters world records! 

Come learn about the course from an expert who is able to balance aloha spirit with key swim techniques. 


The first year I raced Kona I was scared to death about the swim. Currents, swells, one loop, fish, sharks, dolphins...I didn’t know what to make of it all. I took an open water clinic with Karlyn, and all my worries dissolved. She taught me not only how to break down the swim course technically, but also how to think about the swim, the magic behind it, and the ahola spirit. Then she got out in the water with me and taught me all these amazing open water skills! On race day, the thing I was most excited about, was the swim! I keep coming back every year to learn from Karlyn in the open water of Hawaii, and each year, the magic of the corse get a little more powerful.
— Sonja Wieck, founder of Rising Tide Triathlon Coaching