It Takes a Village to Raise a Champion. We are that Village.

This 10-month coach package is all in. You are fully tucked under our wing. Availability is limited each year.  




This 10 month coaching package is designed for the invested athlete. The core coaching package is based on in-depth work between athlete and coach with a high level of customization, communication, and accountability. The coaching package also includes weekly Q&A webinars, full access to the athlete resource portal, and Private accountability group.

Her coaching is consistently above and beyond. It’s rare and special when you meet another human who is authentically invested in supporting your development and goals. She brings that guidance to every interaction - whether it be responding to workout notes, calls, or frantic race-night text messages. She’s 100% in - which leaves no excuse for you to not be. This approach builds trust, confidence, health, strength, and success.
— Ellen, Washington DC


Choosing to race triathlons is a grand adventure. Time and money are a small part of the total investment. It's personal, emotional, and can be hard as heck sometimes. The best way to get where you want to go, is to have a clear vision of the destination, and then line up all the tools you need along the way.

We have those tools, and if we don't, then we find them for you. We open our address book, we use our community of coaches, we flush out problems until the solutions are clear. That's what IronWAVE is all about, removing the barriers standing between you, and what you want to achieve in this adventurous, wacky, and sometimes heartbreaking sport. 

If you are dreaming as big as we want you to, then you are going to need an army to make it happen. We provide that army, so that you can focus solely on execution and feedback. Because going all in doesn't mean sacrificing everything. It's about being tactful, finding solutions, and creating a balanced place in your life, from which you can execute a daring LEAP....



Triathlon progress begins with a plan. A really good plan. 

IronWAVE Training Plans are built in 1-2 week blocks, highly customized to the athlete, and requiring constant adjustment. They are delivered into the athletes Premium Training Peaks account.


Who is in charge of that plan and is trust rock solid?

Each IronTIDE athlete is paired with the Rising Tide coach of their choice after ample guidance. All RTTC coaches are utilized during the coaching process to help the athlete in their area of expertise. 


Is your gear dialed in? Is your nutrition plan second nature?

No stone unturned means gear selection and nutrition plans are top priority in IronWAVE. We test them until they feel comfortable and natural. 


Is your Technique honed and your Execution on point?

Technique drills are customize to the athlete so they never work on anything that isn't of primary importance. Race execution plans are developed with Captain coaches and practiced before race day.


What is standing in the way of excellence?

The benefits of high touch coaching is a deeper connection with the inner workings of an athlete. Mental skills are taught, and practiced, along with training opportunities to drill down to your deeper "why".


Big love to RTTC, I could feel your good vibes all the way in the Caribbean! Thank you for 5+ years of patiently shaping me into a different athlete, amazing schedules, and for helping to fine tune my machine with IronStrong. And finally thank you to this community of lovely people for being so fun and supportive.
— Morgan, Ward, CO
Feeling healthy and happy in mind, heart, and body when I line up to race every season is an enormous gift, and I have RTTC’s coaching to thank for that.
— Prianka, Washington DC
There aren’t words I can give you that seem as big as the impact you’ve made in my life. I really drew from the words you gave me before the race – that we do big things on our own. Still, this feels like OURS.
— Ellen, Washington DC

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Our mission here at Rising Tide Triathlon Coaching is to help our athletes realize their potential in triathlon while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Our group of coaches has 20+ years of combined racing experience and 100+ Ironmans to our name, including many podiums, AG wins, and Kona Qualifications.

We work as a team, a fun lovin' group of coaches who share knowledge and experience with each other....and well... pretty much anyone who will listen.

We aim to be our best each and every day, so that you can follow our lead...