PRs aren't mythical unicorns! We can help.


I came to Rising Tide last October and can say that this program, the coaches, and teammates feels like coming home to family. The program sets you up for success and there is multiple levels of support. I’ve worked harder than ever and the variation of workouts is a breath of fresh air. I truly feel that my schedule is customized to my abilities and my goals.
— Carolyn, Washington DC


This 6 month coaching package is designed to efficiently prepare you to PR in your key races. The core coaching package is based on a customized training plan, coach checkins along the way, and community support. The coaching package also includes advanced trainings in how to pack your bike, confidence, motivation, toughness training, and course previews of many Ironman and 70.3 courses. 



Triathlon progress begins with a plan. A really good plan. 

IronTIDE Training Plans are built in 6 week blocks, taking into account the athletes strengths, preferences, and schedule and delivered into the athletes Premium Training Peaks account.


Who is in charge of that plan and is trust rock solid?

Each IronTIDE athlete is paired with a Rising Tide coach based on goals, personality, and areas of development. Trust develops over time. 


Is your gear dialed in? Is your nutrition plan second nature?

Gear selection, and nutrition advisement is available to accelerate the learning curve via our private Facebook page and IronNutrition program.


Is your Technique honed and your Execution on point?

Drill videos fill the resource library for each athlete to develop weaknesses into strengths. Execution plans are developed with Captain coaches


Why are you an athlete and what needs to be in place for success?

The mental game in triathlon is huge. Strong minds allow us to capitalize fully on our fitness in the heat of the race setting. Strong minds are trained. 



Do you know what we love MORE than triathlon here at RTTC? 


We believe that you can have a life and PRs at the same time (GASP)! When you are physically, mentally, and emotionally strong your races reflect that strength, and for most athletes that means friends, family, fun, and fitness need to be in harmony. Life needs a balance. Health first....always. 

The coaches at RTTC get to know you as an athlete and work with your schedule to help you accomplish your goals. In just a short year I have become the strongest I have ever been on a bike and in swimming, and I have reconnected with my passion for long-distance running. I continue to learn and improve every day, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!
— Erin Donaghy, Houstin, TX
Rising Tide Triathlon Coaching is a team, a family of people all working for the better of each individual athlete, so that we can all thrive. “A rising tide lifts all the boats” This quote couldn’t be more fitting for what this team does for its athletes.
— Jessica, Farmers Branch, TX
I am already feeling stronger after this first block. This is the least amount of rest that I have ever had but I do not feel rundown. That is amazing, especially given my level of stress in my life.
— Shannon, Playa del Ray, CA

Want the IronTIDE Enrollment Details?

We'll have limited space for IronTIDE atheltes each year. 





Our mission here at Rising Tide Triathlon Coaching is to help our athletes realize their potential in triathlon while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Our group of coaches has 20+ years of combined racing experience and 100+ Ironmans to our name, including many podiums, AG wins, and Kona Qualifications.

We work as a team, a fun lovin' group of coaches who share knowledge and experience with each other....and well... pretty much anyone who will listen.

We aim to be our best each and every day, so that you can follow our lead...