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Standing on that start line, a long line of swim buoys stretches out ahead of you. You breathe calmly with a smile on your face. There are no doubts in your mind that you are ready for this race, and you can't wait for the cannon to sound. Not only have you done the physical preparation, but the process has actually been a lot of fun along the way. Today is the icing on the cake, and you are excited and ready for what lies ahead. 

Unfortunately, most athletes stand on that start line of their goal race in a very different place. Tired, burned out, having long forgotten why they love triathlon, and, oh yea, nursing a few niggles that has them biting their lip, wondering if they will make it to that finish line, and in what state. You see, they hit all those hard intervals sessions in their training plan, they made all those sacrifices, but somewhere along the way, somebody forgot to think about them as a human being, with a job, a family, commitments, requirement, and gasp... a life!

In our IronTIDE program we focus on building athletes a Training Plan that fits them as human beings, not machines, not single focused individuals. Our athletes know what is coming and can make plans to infuse the fun into training and we encourage that. Our coaches prioritize a long term progress approach, using MAF based training to keep athletes healthy AND happy. 


Getting you to the start line as your best self...

THE TRAINING PLAN: As an IronTIDE athlete, over the course of six months you will receive four custom built 6-week Training Blocks in your very own Premium Training Peaks account. We build them one at a time, so we can take into account the ebbs and flows of your life, along with your progress and your progression.

THE COMMUNITY: We open the doors and give you full access to our robust, well attended, and dynamic Private Facebook page where you can ask all the training, racing, and gear questions you want. Our coaches answer those questions, sometimes with video answers, and everyone learns together. You also get live access to our weekly Q&A webinar to ask questions in a dynamic and often hilarious format (perfect for during your strength program, or while on the trainer).

THE COACHING: Each IronTIDE athlete is assigned a Captain Coach based on the Coach Match Diagnostic you fill out when Enrolling. Your Captain Coach is your go-to warm body when it comes to Training Block review calls, pre race calls, and they will even send you a training block review at the conclusion of each 6 week Training block.

Why we developed IronTIDE?

IronTIDE is our most popular coaching product and it was designed to be exactly that. Here at RTTC our coaches work in a community. We sat down and looked at what the majority of endurance triathletes need in terms of coaching support to be successful at the 70.3 and 140.6 distances. We narrowed it down to three key pieces.

1) A Training Plan you can realistically execute on that builds both fitness and confidence. This is so flipping key!

2) A clear, concise, and strategic Race-Day Execution Plan that is specific to your needs and includes a post race analysis of how well you executed the plan. Sounds easy enough....right?

3) And super important, A safe place to ask questions, provide feedback, make friends, and have fun. It sounds fluffy, but honestly, it's really important for emotional health in this sport. 

Folks, that's really it. Most athletes, if these bases are covered, have a blast in the sport and make tons of progress. 

It's not easy... that's not what we are saying. Getting great at anything takes consistency and hard work. We rarely advocate the easy route...

As triathlon coaches it's easy for us to mamabear athletes to the N-th degree. Most of us want to review every training session, have a daily text stream with each athlete, and keep in constant contact as they progress through the sport. We each have a boatload of knowledge and experience in the sport, and possess the heart of a teacher.

Unfortunately with coaching, there is such a thing as being too much of a mamabear. What we find is that athletes need some autonomy, they need to be able to work it out on their own sometimes, to struggle in order to grow. There is a balance between a supportive environment and standing in the way of an athlete making progress because the coach jumps in too quick. In addition to that, at RTTC, we push our coaches to engage with their athletes in a way that enables them to earn a fair and living wage in this industry. 

We coach because we want to help athletes fulfill their dreams, we want them fitter, healthier, and more educated when they tow the line. How we balance the living wage aspect of coaching is through clarity of services to you the athlete, and also by providing an IronWAVE option to increase the communication frequency with your coach if you value a more indepth communication level. 

If you are looking for a coaching staff that has fun, but keeps things in perspective, that's us. We do that, so you can do that too, because we know that you look to us to set an example of life balance excellence. We write healthy, consistent, smart training plans for our athletes, and we seek personal balance between work, training, family, and friends in our own life.

Oh, and we like to have fun....a lot of fun! #fun2fast

In IronTIDE you will be able to...

-- Get your Training Plan questions answered in the Facebook group by multiple coaches. Sometimes all the coaches leap on a question at once and it takes on a life of it's own. Pure gold!

-- Engage with your Captain Coach via a Pre-Race Planning Call, and a Post Race Analysis Session (sometimes call, sometimes email). You will stand on that start line with a clear execution plan that is 100% dialed in.

-- Execute a training plan where your life commitments were taken into account when it was developed just for you. You know that the plan is tailored to your strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and time availability to train and that builds your confidence as you nail your sessions, and turn those boxes green.

-- Access a huge resource library full of videos all the way from how to pack your bike... to how to amp up your motivation. This library grows as RTTC grows and as you ask questions through our weekly Q&A Webinars. 

-- Register for one or all of our awesome training camps in great training locations in the US as well as invest in our additional programs on Strength Training (IronSTRONG) and Endurance Athlete Nutrition (IronNUTRITION) lead by experts in their fields. 

Together we've built a training foundation that involves a 360-degree view to my physical, emotional, and mental health. In doing so, she has taught me how to balance my life as an athlete while prioritizing time with family and friends, pr.png


  • We select a Captain Coach who is matched to you based on our proprietary Coach Match Diagnostic
  • We create a Training Plan that builds your fitness for success in up to 3 priority races per 6-month term (non priority races will be built into the plan, but with less emphasis)
  • We click "upgrade" in Training Peaks to give you a Premium Account - cuz basic is so basic!
  • Over 6 months you receive FOUR 6-week Training Blocks written just for you that factor in: strengths, weaknesses, life commitments (you provide to us), preferences, training time availability and your 3 Priority Races. Hoo Wah!
  • Your Captain Coach delivers a Data Review and Summery Email at the end of every Training Block 
  • You can book an Athlete Check in Call every 6 weeks with your Captain Coach, raise the roof! 
  • You also get 2 opportunities within each 6-week block to request a Schedule Change/Tweak
  • For each of your 3 Priority races you can book a Pre Race Call and post race data analysis.
  • You won't want to miss your Live Access to our Weekly Q&A Webinar with full access to the replay
  • And of course, Premium Access to the Private Facebook Q&A/Resource Group
  • For that 3pm lull at work we have an Athlete Library packed with Questions, Answers, videos, and recorded content
  • Access to Sign Up for Training Camps
  • Access to Sign Up for IronSTRONG, our Custom Strength Training Add-On
  • Access to Sign Up for IronNURTITION, our 6 week Nutrition Course taught by Stacy Sims


2X Magic Hats - PRS HAPPEN IN THESE HATS. - races are won in these hats. We send you one in each color.

Seahorse Tattoos - not the real kind - the fast kind that come off after the race! Whew!



2 ADDITIONAL 40 minute calls

with the coach of your choice to pick their brain (you can use these with your own captain coach as well)


Let me step your through the exact process of getting rolling (we tried to make this super smooth)...

  1. You complete the Coach Match Diagnostic and pay the enrollment Investment of $249 along with either $1675 one pay, or the first payment of $297 for the 6 pay option.
  2. You receive immediate access to the live Weekly Q&A Webinars,  Athlete Resource library, and Private Facebook Page (Boom...nailed it). 
  3. Within 3 days - we pick your Captain Coach, and email you with a link to book a call with them and attach yourselves to them in Training Peaks. 
  4. You have an Initial call with your Captain Coach to review your 3 Priority Races, strengths, weakness, and get to know each other. Do this quick because everyone is super excited to get to know each other! 
  5. Our schedule writer works with your Captain Coach to put together your first 6 week Training Block.
  6. Your 6-week training block is posted, and you are off to the races (Our goal is within two weeks of Enrollment, but it is often sooner depending on how quickly you book your initial Captain Coach call)
  7. Throughout the next 24 weeks you will receive an email each week with instructions on booking your pre race calls, Training block calls, how to log your commitments for your next Training Blocks, how to request schedule changes, and everything you need to know to keep your training flowing smoothly.
  8. In the final week of each block your coach will send a email with a review of your block and we will ask you for commitments for your next block.
  9. New blocks are released the Sunday before they begin.
  10. Your Training Plan wraps up after 24 weeks where we outline your options for continuing on with the same program, a different program, or stopping coaching. You choose!  


$1,675 + 1-lifetime Enrollment Fee of $249

or 6 payments of $297 + 1-time Enrollment fee of $249


Our Guarantee to you: First off, because we don't want you to get into something that doesn't feel right, you may cancel coaching with us before your first schedule is posted to Training Peaks for a full refund. At RTTC we strive to protect our coaches and serve our athletes. If you complete every session in your Training Plan for the first four weeks of your Training Plan (Data Upload required) and you are not happy with coaching, we will provide you a full refund to your coaching package, minus your Enrollment fee. You are responsible for paying in full for the coaching commitment you registered for. For IronTIDE this is 6 months. 


IronTIDE is for you if:

  • You are willing to ask questions about your training in a Facebook Group
  • You are willing to fill out your life commitments for 6 week increments thoroughly and with detail and by the deadlines outlined
  • You are process oriented and like structure
  • You are willing to write a first draft of your pre race plan before you meet with your coach
  • You are willing to come to coaching calls prepared with your questions
  • You like to ask questions online or in live webinars
  • You are social and like to celebrate others accomplishments as well as share your own experiences

IronTIDE is not for you if...

  • You want texting and or Facebook messenger access to your Captain Coach 
  • You want to email your Captain Coach daily with updates to your training and/or questions
  • You want your Captain Coach to review your Training Peaks data or post workout comments daily or weekly
  • You want weekly phone contact with your Captain Coach
  • You have a job that requires frequent last minute work travel
  • Your daily schedule changes often
  • You have a history of injuries that have require close attention


Q: What if I don't know what races I want to do this year?


Q: I'm not sure which program to enroll myself in, how do I figure that out?


Q:I want to start coaching later, but want to hold my spoT?


Q:How does payment work again?


Q: What if my schedule needs to change when I'm in IronTide?

A: You mean, WHEN your schedule needs to change! All schedules need tweaking and adapting over time. We have weekly office hours that are in live webinar format. When you attend we pull up your schedule and make the changes needed right in front of you in response to what is needed. We also have a private community (in Facebook) where you can ask general or specific questions, including making a request for a schedule change. Chances are if you have a question, someone else has the same one. All of our coaches frequent that page daily. Finally, if your question is personal in nature, we have a private Q&A email line for those sorts of questions. 

Q: Can you tell me the fees and how they are charged and how the workouts are communicated (e.g. training peaks, email, other)?


Q: What systems do you use?

A: IronTIDE Training Plans are posted in Training Peaks. We use ClickWebinar to host our weekly Q&A webinars, we built our own members only backend library to house resources, videos, replays, FAQs, IronMIND, IronSTRONG, and IronNUTRITON. We use infusionsoft to send emails, and process billing payments. 

Q: What devices/meters can I use during ?

A: Being a MAF based approach program we love heart rate and write most plans based on that metric. We also incorporate power when the athlete owns a power meter, but it is not required, and in fact sometimes we ask an athlete to remove their power meter :). We use a finis tempo trainer PRO for swimming, AKA "the beeper." We require all athletes to use their feeling, and their brain, that's the best devise you can incorporate.