It’s GO TIME. It’s YOU TIME. It’s time to be YOUR BEST.
A New Type of Triathlon Coaching That is Customized. Connected. Community Based.

Designing your racing and training plan over the season is a balance, a harmony, an art. 


A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

training plans built just for you

expert coaches who tuck you under their wing

consistent communication patterns you can rely on

pricing that makes sense

Your training plan should be built to serve you and schedules must be personal. No matter if IronTide or One-on-One coaching is the right fit for you, what never changes is our unparalleled custom services, unprecedented community, and fun to fast philosophy.

$249 enrollment fee + $45/week

$249 enrollment fee + $85/week

What's included:

  • Training block approach built off a destination or purpose

  • Personalized schedule written just for you, all at once in Training Peaks (5-16 weeks)

  • Your Training Peaks data reviewed at the completion of each training block

  • 30 minutes pre-race call, post-race call, and pre training block call. 

  • Community communication opportunities including group office hours, private community page, and private Q&A line access

What's included:

  • Specialized guidance and support from an expert coach

  • Daily communication with your coach of choice (see below) via text, cell, email, Facebook, carrier pigeon, however!

  • Detailed training feedback and analysis - all data files reviewed and commented on

  • Personalized schedule written just for you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis (you chose!) in Training Peaks. Tweaked at anytime!

  • Pre-race planning meeting and post race recap session

  • Community communication opportunities including group office hours, private community page, and private Q&A line access

  • Plus everything included in IronTide!

Who will coach me?

IronTide Coaches: You’ve got the entire team behind you! IronTide is a community effort. One of our amazing coaches will be your “Captain Coach” to establish your customized training plan. We select the best Captain Coach to fit your style in our first call after Enrollment. 

One-on-One Coaches: Want to pick which coach you have, and desire maximum contact? If it's important to have your coach of choice, One-on-One is for you. We discuss your goals and connect you with the right coach to FUN your way to FAST!


  • 1:1 fee: full
  • Specialty: Motivation, Storytelling, and running the BIZ
  • Finish lines: 2nd in Kona, 15+ Ironmans, 40 70.3’s, and various Ultra-Marathons, including the Moab 100. Check our her bio!


  • IronTide Fee: $45/week
  • 1:1 fee: $85/week
  • Specialty: Swimming & pro training
  • Finish lines: 11 Ironmans and 20+ Half Ironmans including placing 3rd at Coeur D’Alene, 5th at Lake Stevens 70.3, and 6th at Ironman Wisconsin. Check our her bio!


  • IronTide Fee: $45/week
  • 1:1 fee: $75/week
  • Specialty: Tenacity and Fun
  • Finish lines: 2X Kona Qualifier, multiple Ironmans, multiple 70.3 World Championship Qualifier,  many marathons and 70.3 races. Check our her bio!


  • IronTide Fee: $45/week
  • 1:1 fee: $75/week
  • Specialty: Runs the IronStrong program for RTTC athletes only... oh yea, and Relentlessness
  • Finish lines: 100+ triathlons including 50 70.3’s, 8 Ironmans (4 Kona Qualifying), and several adventure races and running events. Check out her bio!


  • IronTide Fee: $45/week
  • 1:1 fee: $75/week
  • Specialty: Data data and more data
  • Finish lines: Two-time Boston Marathon qualifier, 4 Ironmans. Check our her bio!


  • IronTide Fee: $45/week
  • 1:1 fee: $75/week
  • Specialty: Registered Dietician, New Triathletes
  • Finish lines: 4X Ironman, 12 marathons, many 70.3s, lifelong athlete. Check out her bio!

For both Irontide and One-on-One coaching, all coaching fees are billed every 4 weeks and begin on the first day of the first schedule we write for you.

How we make it awesome:

Periodized Coaching Fees: We play hard and we rest hard… and we know you do too. That’s why we don’t charge you full fees when you’re backing off your training post-race, holidays, and break times. Regardless of your coaching program, you can go on Auto Pilot for just $20 per week. Believe us, that margarita on the beach celebrating your most recent PR tastes MUCH sweeter when you know we’ve got your back with our Periodized Coaching Fees. Plus, it’s so much more fun to return to your chosen program when both you AND your wallet take a break.

Premium Training Peaks Program: Who upgrades your Training Peaks program to the Premium account FOR FREE? We do!

IronImmersions: For our RTTC Athletes only! Optional additional programs and products designed to take you to the next level. We bring the experts to you - this is the best of the best, science-proven programs and products, customized for our athletes.

Magic Hats: Not only do you feel your best with our flexible, customized coaching programs and periodized fees, but you look your best in our magic hats! PRs are set. Races are won. We send you one in every color… feel the magic!

How it works:

  1. Enroll! Pay the $249 one-time Enrollment Fee to FUN your way to FAST.
  2. Meet with Sonja! This is where we get to know your goals and together, we decide the best way to reach them - One-on-One or IronTide.
  3. It’s GO TIME. It’s YOU TIME. It’s time to be YOUR BEST

I like details. Walk me through the step-by-step process of how this works:

  1. You pay the enrollment Investment.
  2. We contact you and set up a meeting to map out your year, dive into race planning, and build a big-picture plan.
  3. Together we decide which program makes sense for your first training block, IronTide, or One-on-one.
  4. You fill out an extensive on-boarding survey.
  5. We write your first training plan, specific to your needs, using everything we know about you.
  6. Your weekly coaching fees (billed monthly) begin the day your first training plan begins.
  7. You train, ask questions, learn new things, make progress, have fun, and set PRs.
  8. We coach, answer questions, teach you things, celebrate your progress, have fun, and give high fives.

Our guarantee: At Rising Tide we constantly strive to retain you as an athlete. If you decide after your meeting with Sonja that you don't want to move forward with coaching, we refund your enrollment fee in full. We have a 30 day cancellation policy to terminate coaching with Rising Tide Triathlon Coaching once your schedule has been written. You, are open to switch between Auto-Pilot, IronTide and One-on-One at any time.

Still have a few questions? Check out our FAQs!

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