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It’s GO TIME. It’s YOU TIME. It’s time to be YOUR BEST.

A New Type of Triathlon Coaching That is...

Customized. Connected. Community Based.

Designing your racing and training plan over the season is a balance, a harmony, an art. 


A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

training plans built just for you

expert coaches who tuck you under their wing 

consistent communication patterns you can rely on

pricing that makes sense

Rising Tide Triathlon Coaching...

We have a new way of doing things.

We FUN our way to FAST.

Here's what we as RTTC coaches know for sure:

It's athletes who know how to integrate their training and racing into their abundant lives with HARMONY, train with JOY and PATIENCE, and race with COURAGE and CONFIDENCE who are able to realize their wildest triathlon dreams.

The more EXCITEMENT, ADVENTURE, and ENTHUSIASM athletes bring into their triathlon lives, the more we see them FIGHT, BATTLE, and THRIVE in racing environments. It's contagious, and it creates a ripple effect for everyone around them. 

Most athletes feel they need sacrifice, willpower, routine, time, money, flexible work schedules, and a super fancy tri-bike to be successful in this sport.

Think Again.

(Okay, we do love our fancy tri-bikes)

What if:

  • You woke up motivated by your schedule because it included a healthy dose of stuff you found fun?
  • The races you selected were in places you love, on courses you thrive in, with people who make you happy?
  • Your coaches all took this approach and supported you relentlessly?  

Introducing: Periodized Coaching Fees...

We know there are a lot of triathlon coaching companies out there. So we decided to create a company that's all us, giddy, silly, and deeply in love with this crazy sport. We hated the idea that you pay the same fees year round. We know from our experiences that an athletes needs change throughout their season.

Great athletes structure their years with UP time, and DOWN time, focused and unfocused. All in, all the time, leads to burn out and overtraining. There is a time to focus intently, and a time to relax. Designing your racing and training plan over the season is a balance, a harmony, an art.

At Rising Tide your training season can move between focused training blocks, high intensity times, and recovery periods seamlessly without a high year round steady monthly price point, as is standard in the industry right now. 

We work with you to design an annual plan that moves between your focused training blocks and your recovery periods seamlessly. Your coaching fees match the needs of the training block you are in. One thing remains through all our coaching services: community, connection, and an "always custom" approach.

The program is called IronTide and you get flexibility

Your training plan should be built to serve you and schedules must be personal. Your coaching fees match the needs of the training block you are in. But what never changes is our unparalleled custom services, unprecedented community, and fun to fast philosophy. Transition between these programs throughout the year:


1. Enrollment Investment

2. Meet with Sonja


3. Together We Decide

IronTide $45/week

  • Bulk of the season spent here
  • Training block approach built off a destination or purpose
  • Personalized schedule written just for you, all at once in Training Peaks (5-16 weeks)
  • Community communication opportunities including group office hours, private community page, and private Q&A line access
  • Examples: base training block, swim block, olympic, 70.3, ironman, half marathon, marathon

One-on-One $65-$99/week

  • Key intense times spent here
  • Personalized schedule written just for you on a weekly basis in Training Peaks
  • Daily communication with your coach of choice*
  • Community communication opportunities including group office hours, private community page, and private Q&A line access
  • All data files reviewed and commented on
  • Examples: the 4-8 weeks before your A-race, a period of dynamic work travel where you need schedule changes often

Auto-Pilot $20/week

  • Key recovery periods spent here
  • No formal written schedule
  • Recovery period guidelines outlined
  • Training Peaks account remains live
  • Community communication opportunities including group office hours, private community page, and private Q&A line access
  • Examples: the 2-4 weeks after an Ironman, the off season, the holidays, family vacation



* Coach of Choice: Currently we have Sonja (founder), Mikki (emphasis in Data), and Audra (emphasis in Strength) 
Prices are displayed as weekly rates for comparison purposes. All coaching fees are billed every 4 weeks and begin on the first day of the first schedule we write for you.

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BONUS...because we like to spoil our athletes


Full access to our 2X per month webinars on mental skills


We are going to send you one in each color, PRs happen in these hats, races are won in these hats


We are going to upgrade your Training Peaks account to a Premium account for free




Wait, how exactly does this work? Step me through the process...

  1. You pay the enrollment Investment.
  2. We contact you and set up a meeting to map out your year, dive into race planning, and build a big-picture plan.
  3. Together we decide which program makes sense for your first training block, IronTide, or One-on-one.
  4. You fill out an extensive on-boarding survey.
  5. We write your first training plan, specific to your needs, using everything we know about you.
  6. Your weekly coaching fees (billed monthly) begin the day your first training plan begins.
  7. You train, ask questions, learn new things, make progress, have fun, and set PRs.
  8. We coach, answer questions, teach you things, celebrate your progress, have fun, and give high fives.

Our Guarantee: At Rising Tide we constantly strive to retain you as an athlete. If you decide after your meeting with Sonja that you don't want to move forward with coaching, we refund your enrollment fee in full. We have a 30 day cancellation policy to terminate coaching with Rising Tide Triathlon Coaching once your schedule has been written. You, are open to switch between Auto-Pilot, IronTide and One-on-One at any time. 



Q: What if I don't know what races I want to do this year?

A: The nice thing about this program is that we can take it one step at a time. We can build a plan for short term goals while keeping long term desires in mind. We can either plan the full year, or plan the next step, and everything in-between. Good coaching is malleable and adaptable and plans are made, knowing they may change. This coaching format works well with change.  

Q: I'm not sure which program to enroll myself in, how do I figure that out?

A: You don't! After enrollment we schedule a meeting with you to discuss your plans, thoughts and desires. We get to know you and we come up with a starting point together. Then we take care of the rest! 

Q: How does payment work again?

A: You pay an enrollment fee, complete our getting started steps, and then we meet for an in-depth phone chat. That meeting is extensive where we get to know you, understand you season, your history, you name it! During that meeting we decide which phase you are going to start with and then we get to work on writing your schedule. Once it's posted and ready to go your coaching fees begin. They are paid based on a weekly rate, but billed every 4 weeks. So if you enter into IronTide and we decide you are going to do a 12 week running block over the winter, we write you 12 weeks of schedule. On the first Monday your schedule is posted we would bill $180, and then bill every 4 weeks until your block is up. Before the 12 weeks is up, we agree on the next course of action and change coaching fees as needed. 

Q: What if my schedule needs to change when I'm in IronTide?

A: You mean, WHEN your schedule needs to change! All schedules need tweaking and adapting over time. First and foremost we have a handy dandy online form you can fill out to request a schedule change, those changes happen daily. We also have weekly office hours that are in live webinar format where schedule changes can be made on the spot. We have a private community (in Facebook) where you can ask general or specific questions, including making a request for a schedule change. Finally, if your question is personal in nature, we have a private Q&A email line for those sorts of questions. 

Q: Can you tell me how the workouts are communicated (e.g. training peaks, email, other)?

A: So, all Coach Mikki does is write schedules (okay, she does Mars research too). She has a PhD in geology (was on the project that just found the first lake on Mars) and she is a data queen. She keeps up to date with all the nuances of Training Peaks, and she loves the data. So she takes the first crack at everyones schedules. Then Coach Sonja reviews and approve every schedule that goes out the door. Schedules are posted in Training Peaks, and everyone is upgraded to a Premium account in there. We mostly train off of heart rate, can incorporate power if you have it, but always rely on perceived exertion and “know thyself” as the most important data measure. 

The sky is not my limit...I am.