{ without sacrificing your job, friends, or family}




What if you could experience sustained energy through the season and you could cross the finish line beaming, and crazy fast?








Craft your ideal season, with adventure, and be committed to your races instead of feeling burned out and wondering how you are going to make it through the season.

Be engaged in learning, connecting with other athletes, and nailing your training sessions instead of being controlled by doubt, uncertainty, and worry.

Know what type of athlete you are, what you want, and where you want to go – so you can spend your precious energy devoted to making your dreams a reality. 

Have fun and feel strong, tough and capable, instead of sitting in the locker room trying to convince yourself to jump in the pool, wondering where your "mojo" went.

Get fired up and giddy about your training plan – without being confused or lost while learning the purpose behind each training session because you're not stuck trying to figure out how to move forward.

Create life-long friendships and celebrate with your unstoppable tribe instead of all the comparing and competition you often face on race day. 

Feel proud and content in your achievements so you can experience your inner glow from racing to the best of your ability - - instead of down playing your accomplishments.

Race by design for PR performances instead of defaulting into bad habits, letting your weaknesses run the show, and finishing your races with an empty unsatisfied feeling in the pit of your stomach, knowing you didn't tap into your potential.






Rising Tide Triathlon Coaching Packages

From our 20+ years of combined coaching experience we know what athletes want, and better yet, what they need. We built two coaching packages based on what is important to our athletes, and what produces PRs.

The IronTIDE coaching package is a 24-week training package where we build your training plan to fit your life, your goals, and your uniqueness. We also match you with a dedicated Captain Coach so you have the accountability and expertise you need to meet your goals.

The IronWAVE coaching package is a 40-week commitment training package fully adaptable and customized just for you complete with all-access Captain Coach support. High touch, and all in, it's built for the athlete who is fully invested and uber committed to shortening the learning curve to high performance.

If you just signed up for your first 140.6... go you! We can help you cross that finish line like a beast. Maybe you are on your 5th, 6th or 15th 140.6 and want to tap into our coaches vast knowledge to take your triathlon game up a level? We have 100+ Ironmans to our name, and if you have experienced it, so have we, and more! We built programs to train you on technique, mental skills, nutrition, and strength training, along with all the swim bike run necessities.  

It's a coaching program that takes the confusion out, but never the fun!



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Hi! I'm Sonja, the captain of the Rising Tide Triathlon Coaching ship, and the one holding those 5 Kona medals over there. I've taken my vast Ironman and Kona experience (16 time Ironman, 2nd in Kona 2014) and poured every last drop of it into training our coaches and athletes. You might be wondering how your goals, wishes, and needs fit into what we have to offer here at RTTC? Every athlete we coach here at RTTC is unique. Each athlete has dreams, hopes and aspirations as diverse as their journey up to this point.

Imagine me getting a huge happy grin on my face (<---like that one). This, hands down, is my favorite part of owning a coaching company. I get to talk to you at this exciting and scary transitional point in your journey! After hundreds of Discovery Calls with athletes over the years, I know precisely how to dissect where you want to go, into what you need to put in place. It's where I rock the house, it's my jam. Sign up for a Discovery call and let's take a deep dive into your needs, wants, and hopes.




At Rising Tide we constantly strive to retain you as an athlete. If you decide after completing (all green boxes) 14 days of your first training plan that you hate this, it’s not the right fit, and you want to run fast in the other direction, we will refund all your money. 




Q: I want to start coaching later - can you hold my spot?

A: In order to respect our coaches time and availability we are only able to enroll athletes who are ready to get started. If you are worried about your coach of choice filling up you can email help@risingtidetri.com to ask if a specific coach has availability.

Q: Do you offer coaching packages that are less than a 24-week commitment?

A: Nope, we don't. In order to invest fully in you, and to provide a stable and consistent living wage for our coaches, we require a 24-week commitment for IronTIDE and a 40-week commitment for IronWAVE. 

Q: What if something happens, like I get pregnant or there is an emergency and I can’t continue coaching? 

A: We handle these requests on a case by case basis. Please reach out by emailing help@risingtidetri.com and we will put you in touch with someone to discuss the matter with you. 

Q: How do you select my Captain Coach if I sign up for IronTIDE?

A: With a lot of careful thought and deliberation. We take into account your initial athlete diagnostic, your goals, experience, personality, needs, and geographical location. This is something we take very seriously here at RTTC and we are committed to you loving your Captain Coach (except when you hate her because she is kicking your butt and holding you accountable). We pride ourself on crafting the perfect partnership.

Q: What devises do I need if I am coached by you?

A: Our Captain Coaches generally assign intensity based on heart rate. All of our coaches are able to incorporate power meters as well, although it is not required. Sometimes we remove devises if the athlete is getting overly reliant on data. For most athletes we train based on a MAF approach as opposed to zone training. It’s fun and we can talk all day about this! 

Q: Once enrolled, how long does it take to have my first schedule up in Training Peaks?

A: The on-boarding process takes approximately two weeks for new IronTIDE and IronWAVE athletes.  You will have immediate access to the Private Facebook page, Weekly Office Hours, and the Athlete Resources Portal while we get to know you and build your first custom training plan. 

Q: What if I don't know what races I want to do this year?

A: During the on-boarding process you will work together with your Captain Coach to finalize your race plan.  

Q: I'm not sure which program to enroll myself in, how do I figure that out?

A: Book a Discovery Call with Sonja and she can answer any questions you have in this area. 

Q: How does payment work again?

A: All new athletes must pay a once per lifetime enrollment fee of $249. The IronTIDE program requires a 24-week commitment and we offer the option to pay over 6 payments or a discount if you pay in full. For IronWAVE, it's a 40-week commitment and we offer the option to pay over 10 payments, or a discount to pay in full. At the end of your commitment you have the option to sign up for another round or to transfer into a new coaching tier. 

Q: Do you still offer Auto-Pilot?

A: Yes, many of our athletes enter into Auto-Pilot when they move into the off season. They don't receive a training plan, but instead get off-season guidelines and maintain access to the Athlete Resource Library, Office Hours, and the Facebook Page. Also, all autopilot athletes are still able to register for IronSTRONG and IronFUEL programs, which are both great programs to work through in the off season. 

Q: What if my schedule needs to change when I'm in IronTide?

A: You mean, WHEN your schedule needs to change! All schedules need tweaking and adapting over time. We have weekly office hours in live webinar format. When you attend we can pull up your schedule and make the changes needed right in front of you in response to what is needed. We also offer an online form you can submit to receive a schedule change request. IronTIDE athletes receive 2 schedule changes via this form per 6-week training block, and IronWAVE athletes can submit unlimited schedule change requests. 

Q: How are the workouts communicated (e.g. training peaks, email, other) and what other systems do you use?

A: All IronTIDE and IronWAVE athletes receive a Premium Account with Training Peaks where your Training Plan will be delivered. We use ClickMeeting to run our office hours, and your Athlete Resource Library is housed at www.RTTCAthlete.com. We also use Facebook extensively for athlete communication and of course email, because, well...that's life! 

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.