Colorado Camp Recap!

Back in June nine of our RTTC athletes took on five challenging days in Colorado for training camp.  Our awesome athletes climbed mountains, took on altitude, and DESTROYED workouts like no other!

Why are training camps so important?  In the words of Morgan Zornes, an RTTC athlete, “camp gives you five days of completely focused training.  All I had to do each day was execute the workout, eat, recover and get ready for the next day.”

And not only this, training camp gives you the opportunity to connect with other athletes and your coaches, fostering an atmosphere filled with team spirit, support and the determination to challenge one another. 

"I loved having the group house.  We got to interact as a team, train as a team eat as a team and recover as a team."

"Loved the workouts, they were hard, but if it was easy everyone would do it."

So are you curious about what triathlon training in the mountains is like?  Then read on – this is the post for you!

Tuesday, June 28

What’s the best way to start a triathlon camp, you ask?  With a brick workout, of course!  Our athletes started the day with a long ride in the Denver foothills followed up with a run off the bike. 


"Hard workouts are so much better in a group!"

Wednesday, June 29

Rise and shine!  The team was treated with a beautiful sunrise as we started the day off with an early morning long swim.

Not long after the swim we hit the road for a 2+ hour long run, heading from Idaho Springs to Georgetown.  The route included some gentle climbing with the temperature reaching upwards into the high 80s.  Proper hydration and nutrition was key!

Thursday, June 30

Run workouts are vital for increasing leg speed, so we hit up Waterton Canyon for some 800/1 mile repeats.  The views were absolutely beautiful and even though the past two days were filled with high intensity workouts, our athletes still KILLED the workout. 

“My favorite workout was the 800 and 1 mile repeats in beautiful Waterton Canyon.  I ran paces I had not seen in a long time!”
-Morgan Zornes


Later in the day after some recovery time we headed to the pool for a long swim.

Friday, July 1

THIS WAS A HUGE DAY.  Early in the morning we headed over to Rocky Mountains to ride up Mt. Evans. 

The ride was a challenging 16 miles uphill, including vast temperature, weather and elevation changes.  I am SO PROUD of my athletes for climbing Mt. Evans.  They showed pure grit, determination and perseverance in the face of a mountainous challenge (literally)!

"I felt like I built both strength and CONFIDENCE as I went on, and when we hit the summit, it was all that much better."

"The most challenging part was Mt. Evans because the weather was terrible for July (a wind chill of 14 degrees at the mid summer).  It made the camp more epic though!"
-Morgan Zornes

The rest of the day called for rest, rest, rest!


Saturday, July 2

Saturday was our last day of camp (SAD).  Coming off our ride up Mt. Evans we opted for a nice trail run in the morning, followed up with an easy 3800 yard recovery swim in the pool. 

Coming to the end of camp is always sad but I could not be happier with the hard work our athletes put in together during their time in Colorado.  Camp brings us together as a family and the memories/friends made are ones which will last a lifetime.

"The coaches are kick ass. They know what they are talking about when it comes to swim, bike, run, recovery and having fun.  They are encouraging, positive and go out of their way to get you prepared and ready for your events."


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