Today is a Special Day... it's International Womens Day...

Today is International Womens Day! It's a special day for us here at RTTC where we celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. 

When I started Rising Tide I must admit, I had a bit of the feminine power bug. When I looked around I saw a lot of coaching companies headed up by men, with a lot of ladies underneath doing the heavy lifting of the daily coaching tasks. I knew I didn't want to run a company where I replaced "headed up by men" with "headed up by a woman." I wasn't really interested in the notion of "headed up" at all to be honest. 

Instead, I kept getting a taste of that "feminine approach" in my dolphin pod, my group of girlfriends, my Coeur and Tribella team, and several mastermid groups I was working with as well. There was this "thing..." it's hard to put my finger on it, it's that way that women work together that somehow makes things better, it's like this mixture of nurture, and expertise, an "all working for the common good" aspect that I felt lacked in the coaching business world. What is "that thing?"

What I saw is that when I worked with other women in a community fashion, with a family atmosphere, I've often watched magic happen. 

Using the power of the feminine in this coaching business means that all of our coaches coach all of our athletes. Communication amongst coaches happens every day. We reach out for help and at times some of our athletes are getting support from all 5 of our coaches. Our ability to know each of the athletes like our own is that little extra magic of the feminine that RTTC uses. I've tried to get each of my coaches to step into their area of expertise and passion while coaching, so at times we might be in office hours and the recommendations bounce from coach to coach based on expertise, regardless of who the athlete actually has as a "main coach."

Communal, feminine... we are finding it works for male and female athletes alike.

So, on International Womens Day, I want to give a shout out to some of the ladies in our business who have stepped up to the table and worked tooth and nail to embrace their feminine power!

Coach Mikki - raised in academia, she's become our in house expert at reviewing training data files. She's bold, smart, and the most detail oriented person I know.

Coach Andrea - her vast life experiences have helped her bring important emotion work to our crew, and she's is the queen of nurture, designing our training camps like a champ. 

Coach Jess - raised a swimmer she's navigated the waters of being a professional athlete in the sport, and continues to push the boundaries of multitasking, quite a feminine superpower. 

Coach Audra - one of the more diverse and spicy ladies I know, she's a rockstar in the gym, and isn't afraid to mix tough and kind, all in the same sentence. 

Coach Stacy - a role model to all of us, she's been battling through research and academia her whole life, and has spent her life work exploring the true POWER of the feminine

Allison + Francis - The Merritt+Grace ladies who took off on their own female journey into marketing, branding and triathlon together.  Thanks for the awesome website!

Morgan - taking a lifetime of sewing and design skills through her career in product development she gifted us with an amazing apparel line and inspires me daily with her determination in both her career and sport.

Britt - this woman will take your photo until the stuff deep in your soul comes out. She's a true visionary and intensely bonded with femininity.

Lexi - created the RTTC logo...I love that darn seahorse! To the lady who taught me you always have to mix a little masculine in with the feminine to make things click. 

Katie - Mrs.KDO who has taught me the power of being a roaring woman, and getting the right stuff done, while treating people right, and doing right by them every single day. 

Joanne - for taking the most detailed approach to our systems and doing so with a tenderness, and anticipation of needs.

Sarah - raising a couple boys, and giving every last inch of herself to being a professional in this sport and a true role model. She can break down in tears, and then drop you on the bike, all in the same ride. 

Jessica H - our TriEqual athlete, who has taken a DEEP DIVE into this sport and shows up so honest and spongelike every day to her training that it leaves me inspired and a bit nostalgic. 

Lastly - our lady athletes, who one day are knitting hats, and the next day PRing. One moment drawing beautiful art, putting children to bed, or hopping off a plane from a foreign travel trip, and then next moment are swimming, biking, and running after their dreams. 

To be a woman is to be a million different things, limitless, and boundless....

Happy International Womens Day!