7 Things Every Triathlete Should be Doing to SPRING into Spring!

Oceanside 70.3 is this weekend, which means....NORTH AMERICAN RACE SEASON IS HERE!!

Cue hip shaking, awkward dancing, and maybe a little twerking, 

This is the time of year where excitement is really high in the triathlon industry (can you tell). It feels like a bit of a new start, a fresh beginning, and we FINALLY get to start watching our friends compete on the weekend. Hello internet race stalking! Some of us are also heading off to our first triathlons of the season, full of hope and optimism for a strong season ahead.  

If you use this time in the season wisely you can really set yourself up for success in the months to come. Here is my list for the top 7 things every triathlete should be doing to Spring into Spring!


-7- Bike Tune up and refit! If you live in the colder states your bike has seen lots of trainer time. As you transition to the roads make sure to do so with new tires, tubes, new chain, and some fresh lubrication. Also, this is a good time to have your bike fit examined to make sure that any adjustments are given ample ride time before your A races.

-6- Stockpile Necessities. As the training picks up in the spring and your discretionary hours dwindle you don't want to spend time running to the bike shop for spare goggles, tubes, CO2, run shoes, etc. Use this spring to stockpile nutrition, and other items that are expendable. Being able to pull a fresh set of run shoes out of the box for that really hard run a few months down the line is heaven!

-5- Review your Electronics. There are oodles of sales happening right now and it's a good time to review if your Garmin and your heart rate monitor and your power meter are all getting along. Are you dealing with too many devises and is there a way to simplify the process to avoid frustration down the line. Do you need to switch from a chest heart rate strap to another product like a LifeBeam hat so that you don't end up chaffed when the heat kicks up.

-4- Finalize your Race Deets. All those awesome travel trips you signed up for. Use that tax refund to book all flights and reserve all hotels and rental cars. As a rule of thumb a full size vehicle can generally fit two people and two large bike boxes. If you use another business like PRO Bike Express or TBT to transport your bike, reserve your spot with them as well. Don't forget to stick to consistent hotels, airlines, and rental car companies so you can collect points and perks!

-3- Work on your Training Nutrition. The winter months are when many athletes aren't using their training nutrition because volume is low or sessions are short. Now is the time for a nutrition overhaul if you need it. At RTTC we just launched a 6-week IronImmersion with Stacy Simms where our athletes have the opportunity to do just that. I simple review of your program, writing down the sodium, carbohydrate, and protein values of your training products and reassessing whether they are working for you is a great first start.  

-2- Systemize your Routine. The next few months are big workhorse months for many athletes, with training volume holding fairly constant. It's a great time to develop a daily and weekly routine and stick to it. Carve out the time you will train each of the 7 days, and build in work, family, shopping, and friends in the system. The next few months then become more about execution, and less about running around like a chicken with your head cut off.

-1- Add in the Fun. It's a long year folks, and most athletes have more months between now and their A-race than their mojo is going to be able to handle. Scheduling and building in times to "fill up the fun tank" are not only enjoyable, but your long term success depends on it. Book an evening at one of those "lock you in a room, figure out how to get out" places, or make a date to shoot some pool, do some bowling, play some trivia, or take a cooking class. Your season will thank you!

SPRING is all about growth, optimism and motivation! Use it to your advantage! Happy Training!

If you are looking for a triathlon coaching program that takes the WHOLE YOU into account, we are currently accepting new athletes this spring. Cruise around the website, or contact us for more information.