Let's Get This Party Started

Hi All, Sonja Here!

You know what the world needs, ANOTHER BLOG!! Right? No, wait? How about another TRIATHLON BLOG! There's aren't enough of those out there. Well, I can't claim this one is going to be any different than the others, but I can predict that a bunch of chick triathlon coaches group posting on a blog might make you laugh every once in awhile....group posting....heh heh. 

Blogging has a special place in my heart! Many of the wonderful people I have met through triathlon along with most of the athletes I currently coach I have met through my personal blog www.goSonja.com. A few of our coaches here at RTTC also have blogged through their personal triathlon journeys as well. Jess is at www.jesssmithtri.com and Audra can be found updating at relentlessaudra.com. Mikki doesn't have a blog but she writes copious amounts of scientific papers and grant proposals for NASA so we will ask her to share her vast knowledge on this blog at times as well. Andrea has come in and out the blogging world and has been working recently in the area of how emotions effect athletics. I can't wait for her posts roll out!

My goal with the RTTC blog is number one #education and number two #fun. We have both types of posts outlined for the year (sometimes both in one...the sweet spot), and our goal is to keep the content consistently pouring out, much UNLIKE our personal blogs that have taken a backseat to coaching athletes, building businesses, vigorous race schedules, having babies, and general world domination.

If there is a topic that you would like our coaches to wax philosophical about, don't hesitate to shoot us an email, tweet, or FB message and we will roll your question into a blog post (you know, if we have something good to say about it).

For now, some of the topics we are going to jam on include:

  • Athlete Mash-Ups - Highlighting two of our athletes that have one thing in common (and little else) through a series of questions they answer jointly
  • What's New, What's Cool, What's Awesome? - Our place to highlight some of the new, cool, and awesome happenings in the triathlon world currently, or even things loosely correlated to triathlon
  • Top 10 Lists - more than you can shake a stick at, because everybody loves lists of 10 things, or 5 things, or 7 things. But never 4 things, or 8 things.
  • How do you do that? Our monthly installment on how to do various triathlon things, like peeing on the bike....oh yea, we just went there. 

Thanks in advance for following along, our coaches are excited to write, post and interact with you over the following months. We look forward to some awkward laughs, a few giggles, and maybe some knowledge being shared along the way!

Happy Training, xoxo