Welcome New Coach, Amy Becker!

Guess What?!  We have a new coach!!!  I’m always pumped to introduce a new member to our close-knit RTTC family, and there’s no exception with Coach Amy Becker!  Not only is Amy an amazing athlete, but she’s an amazing person as well, so be sure to check out her interview below.



So Amy, where did you grow up?

I grew up North of Denver in Northglenn, Colorado and I currently live just outside of Boulder in Erie, Colorado, with my family.

Tell me a little about yourself - for example, how you got into triathlons?

In 2009 I found myself 60 pounds overweight and decided to start running. After losing 40 of those pounds being a pure runner for 2 years I thought I’d change it up and try my hand at a 70.3. I had to learn how to clip in and ride a bike, oh and take some swimming lessons too.  But 6 hours, 37 minutes later I finished my first triathlon and I WAS HOOKED!!!! It was so fun I decided to hire a coach and get serious!

So, was coaching something you knew you always wanted to do?

No, it wasn’t until after my second year in triathlon ( the first year being super causal following an online plan very loosely, and the second year with a serious coach putting a lot into my training) I realized all those people telling me they could never do what I do. That’s when I realized someday I would help others do what I had done. During those years I really wanted to have a serious go at triathlon and knew to reach the lofty goals I set for myself I would need to delay my goal of coaching.

Other than coaching, do you have another profession?

I have Masters of Science and have been an Oncology PA for 15 years.  As for the coaching, I am USAT certified.



Do you have any pets?

Yes! I have 2 dogs: Libby a very old and sweet cocker spaniel we’ve had since my husband and I married, and Jackson an 8 year old Chihuahua.

What food could you not live without?

Coffee, yes it is a food!

Any sports other than triathlon you used to do/currently do?

Nope, but I’m going to try my hand at some time-trial cycling and criterium racing this year.

Who is your role model/hero?

Gotta be my mom, she passed away 2 years ago, but wow she was hands down the toughest woman I’ve ever known.  She made countless sacrifices for her family and she was tough as nails.

What’s one of the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you in a race?

Descending and taking a turn at a 70.3 in St. Croix, I was coming in way too hot, started to lose control, went onto the shoulder, came around a huge log, and somehow managed to straighten it out pop back onto the road and keep going. Burned all my matches right there, heart rate zone 5 plus for sure!



Okay, so let’s get down to the coaching.  What’s your coaching philosophy?

If you do the work, you will be successful. I believe consistency leads to 90 % of the outcome.  I know this because I do not have any special athletic pedigree and there is no reason I should have raced in six World Championship races, BUT because I do the work, I was able to find success.

So how do you balance your time between coaching, work and your own training?

By being very organized.  Each day has to be well thought out and methodical in order to make all the areas of my life a priority. Having a supportive family who understands my goals and dreams is imperative - if my family didn’t love to see me do what I love, then this would never work.

What is your favorite part about being a coach?

Seeing athletes do and achieve what they once thought impossible.

We all face obstacles in our training cycles.  How do you help your athletes overcome obstacles, whether it is physical or mental?

We are our own worst critics. I love to remind athletes their entire self worth is not based on how they do in any training session or race. Sometimes we need someone to come in and take the pressure off and remind us setting and achieving goals is good and important, BUT at the end of the day we can only do the best we can do. Sometimes we need an objective outsider to remind us we are pretty darn good just the way we are.

What do you hope your athletes learn from you?  And vice versa, what do you learn from them?

I hope my athletes can see my success going from a 60 pound overweight mother of two toddlers (with zero high school or collegiate athletic background) to an elite triathlete mother of two tweenagers, and say, "damn, if she can do it so can I!"

 I learn from my athletes all the time.  They show me there is more than one way to skin a cat (although I really hate that expression, it's gross).  But in all honesty, athletes have taught me everyone is unique and everyone can be uniquely successful in their own right!


If you had to choose, which leg of the triathlon is your favorite?

The RUN!!! I always come out of the water behind - like seriously behind (it's ridiculous, I’m usually at least 60-80 back from the leader). My husband quit telling me how far behind I was because I didn’t need to know and we learned it wasn’t going to matter! I always make up quite a bit of time on the bike, but when I get off my bike I’m like a holy terror, tracking down everyone in front of me. I love the chase and I love to run.  In training it's no different. Throw on my shoes and plop me on a track or a trail and I feel free!

What does your training look like when you’re prepping for a big race?

I’m laser focused. I wont say EVERYTHING is less important than training because that’s not true, (of course my family and friends are more important) but when I’m in go mode, I'm in GO MODE. I build my days around training, my family knows I’m unwavering in my commitment to get the work done and they know I don’t miss sessions.

But I have a very deliberate plan and schedule so I can still be the important person I am to my husband and my kids and uphold my commitments while still getting training sessions in. If I tried to wing it day to day everything would suffer. When I’m in go mode and I’m spending a lot of time training and away from family and friends, I make sure I give every session what it's supposed to have. I remind myself if my family is sacrificing this time for me then I owe it to them to not give anything less than my best in that session. No one wants a crabby mommy coming home disappointed and feeling guilty she sandbagged a session and now feels less than present for them the rest of the day.

Which was your favorite triathlon you ever ran? And why?

Well geez, it's gotta be my first Ironman ever, Boulder Ironman 2014. I felt so fantastic on race day, it was an amazing feeling to be able to execute a race strategy from beginning to end, and build momentum all day long. It was the coolest thing ever to have so many friends and family cheering for me on the course, on the day I would hear for the first time, "Amy Becker YOU ARE AN IRONMAN." It was the coolest day ever!!! It was also the last race my mom every watched me race and it is very bitter sweet. 

Coach Amy and her family after Ironman Boulder!

Coach Amy and her family after Ironman Boulder!



So there you have it!  We are so excited to have Coach Amy on board with us.  If you are interested in working with Coach Amy or learning more about our RTTC coaching programs, CLICK HERE