Bike Gear

Coach Sonja walks through all the necessary items needed for the bike portion of triathlon.

From gearing to bento boxes and triathlon shorts to power meters, all your needs are covered in this video.

Bike Gear Explanation

Setting Up Your Garmin Fields

The fields showing in up on your Garmin screen have a direct influence on how you execute your training sessions.

Grab your Garmin and watch this video as we help you set up your fields and walk you through some sample workouts so you can learn how to create data files your coach will love you for! 

Download your Action Guide with all the fields and photos for reference.

Setting up the fields in your garmin


Q: How do I pack my bike into a bike box?

A: Watch the two videos below where we walk you through both packing and unpacking your bike into a bike box. It's easier than you think!

Packing your bike into a bike box

Unpacking and assembling your bike from the bike box