Why did you get into triathlons?
I’ve played competitive sports since I could walk and after college I felt a sense of loss for that ‘practice with a purpose’ drive that came with game day preparation. I longed for the mental game, the physical challenge and the pump of the crowd, surprisingly my gym workouts weren’t doing the trick, somehow triathlon fell into my lap with a win at my first race and I’ve been chasing that high for sixteen years.

What triathlon experience do you have?
This list is longer than I can even begin to remember. I’ve competed in over 100 triathlons ranging from sprint to Ironman distance; breaking it down into 50 70.3’s, eight Ironmans (four Kona Qualifying), two World Championships and several adventure races and running events.

What do you think is the secret to triathlon success?
This is very much an individual sport, however ask any athlete after they cross the finish line how they got there and I guarantee they’ll tell you all about their support crew. We all need help and support, people that believe in us when we don’t. Your mental, physical and emotional immune system is strengthened by these champions that give you the ability to do what is needed to be victorious. It takes a village to raise a successful triathlete.

What is your approach to working with athletes?
I build  relationships with my athletes that allows for open communication that helps both of us enjoy the journey rather than focus on the outcome. My education as a physiologist provides me the tools and experience to take the athlete as a whole and build them from the inside out by finding the weaknesses that need to be developed into strengths. We all have imbalances that hinder our performance and make us susceptible to injury. I want to discover those than fix them to improve mechanics and keep my athletes healthy and resilient.

How have triathlons enhanced your life?
Triathlons have brought so many wonderful people into my life that have been influential in and outside the triathlon world. I’m so grateful for each experience that this sport has given me. It might not always turn out the way that I want it to but the process of doing has given me tools for the next fight.


Excellence has little time for doubt.