Why did you get into triathlon?
I had been running marathons for several years and felt tired and burned out. I loved cycling so I competed in a few duathlons and placed higher than I anticipated, usually placing in my age group (and I even won one small duathlon). My husband and running friends were switching over to triathlons but I didn't know how to swim. They finally got me into a pool, then a lake, and 3 years later, my first Ironman was complete. I was hooked!

What triathlon experience do you have?
Dozens of sprint and Olympic-distance tri's, 10+ half-Ironmans, and four full Ironmans. I'm also the President of our local triathlon club and race director for our local kids triathlon. My husband is a die-hard Xterra athlete so training and racing is what we do for fun. 

What do you think is the secret to triathlon success?
Having a good coach! Also, mental toughness, grit, and a little bit of chutzpah come in handy too. 

What is your approach to working with athletes?
Listen, listen, listen! I want to know what my athlete's goals are and what they are willing to do to achieve those goals. I also want to know what their barriers are (mentally and physically) so that I can help them overcome those barriers. Pushing yourself further than you ever have before is an amazing experience and one that requires both physical training. This is what I am here for - to provide that training and to make sure my athletes are having fun along the way.

I have a passion for working with women of all sizes and shapes. I have a rich background in the "health at every size" movement and feel very strongly about triathlon being a sport for EVERY woman, regardless of body shape or size OR age. I also have a strong background in working with individuals who have eating disorders or low self-esteem related to body image.

I have worked primarily as a registered dietician for 29 years, and  I enjoy helping athletes incorporate the perfect nutrition plan into their training and racing for optimal health.

How have triathlons enhanced your life?
They have greatly increased my confidence! To set a goal and work toward it day after day, through all kinds of weather and through all kinds of pain, and achieving that goal is like being handed a gift: the gift of discovering yourself and what you are made of. It's something everyone should experience and something no one can take away from you. 


Excellence has little time for doubt.