Amy Becker

Why did you get into triathlons?
I originally got into triathlon to continue my weight loss and fitness journey. After I found myself 60 pounds overweight after having kids and letting myself go, I “decided” to become a runner. After two years of running and loving it, I “decided” to become a triathlete. Initially, this decision was born out of the thought that starting an athletic career at 36 meant if I kept running only, my joints would fall apart, so I should take up lower impact sports like swimming and cycling. Now seven years later at 43 I realize there is some truth to my thought that some non impact cross training is good, but really my wiser, more confident self knows that I will be running well into my senior years.

What triathlon experience do you have? 
Beyond the countless sprint and olympic distance races, I have competed in thirteen 70.3’s, five Ironman’s including Kona twice, and raced the 70.3 World Championships three times. My favorite distance is the 70.3, just short enough to let you push to your upper limit and just long enough to let me “catch up” after the swim, wink wink!

What do you think is the secret to triathlon success?
I think that my success has been due to my nearly unwavering commitment to training. I love training, I love nailing a key workout, I love seeing the results my efforts. Discovering my aptitude for the sport was a surprise, but mix that with my love of the training and that's been a recipe for success. I don’t have a high school or collegiate athletic background, I have no business qualifying for World Championship races, but I do because I get the work done and I’m crazy consistent. 

What is your approach to working with athletes?
I love figuring out what makes an athlete tic and what drives and motivates them. I have learned that there are several paths to success and each athlete is unique. I’m a scientist and I love data and I like to see the numbers, but I also love the opposing side that is not so analytical. I love to remind my athletes that we do this because its fun and I encourage a balanced lifestyle.

How have triathlons enhanced your life?
Coming into the sport as an overweight non-athlete, triathlon has re-defined the way I see myself. I’m proud of myself, I have accomplished some big stuff in the last seven years and I would be hard-pressed to believe that anything was impossible!  


Excellence has little time for doubt.