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Let's get real. Training for triathlons in todays day and age is a huge, wild, insane, and challenging undertaking. Head nodding...vigorously? Navigating the training plan, gear choices, race plans, course beta, nutrition plans, and training gadgets can become complicated, anxiety-inducing, and a total fun-suck, especially if you are going it alone. We know there are people who do the whole enchilada on their own (slow-clap), but honestly, why take the long and winding road? Getting to the finish line as fast as you can is the whole point. After it's all said and done, we all want to walk away with a PR (or a KQ). 

So here's the deal: It’s about time for a strategic plan that feels less like being lost at sea and more like the Pirates of the Caribbean, yo-ho, yo-ho! That's why we've developed two robust coaching levels to help you start KILLING it on the race course. We totally get that triathlon racing doesn't begin and end with the coach you saddle up with. The real experience comes when you are running down that finish chute, Mike Reilly yelling your name, a huge grin on your face, and maybe some tears rolling down your cheeks. Our coaches help you plot the map, and chart the course. Let's set sail on an unbelievable journey.

Stacy runs a nutrition immersion program for RTTC athletes Only

Stacy runs a nutrition immersion program for RTTC athletes Only

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