Has your swim been lacking a little mojo recently?

Or maybe... all winter long? Oh my gosh, I have been there! MOJO in the pool seems as fickle as Colorado the weather.

Are you struggling in the open water with tactics and techniques? Do you wonder what drills you should be doing to help yourself along? Interested in strength training for swimming?

   RTTC Coach Jess built this 7-day swim challenge just for you. 

Here at RTTC we LOVE rolling out challenges. Making changes can be hard, and we find that bite size daily nuggets allow athletes time to think, process and experiment. 

This is the key to SUCCESS!

Coach Jess Smith is an expert when it comes to open water swimming. Often in the lead PRO pack she has extensive knowledge in gear, skills, drills, and mental tricks to have you swimming faster in the open water than ever before. 

As always, daily giveaways and social media highlights keep this challenge fun, informative, and motivational!


7 - Day Challenge Breakdown


Starting April 26th you will receive a challenge each day delivered straight to your inbox (did I mention it's free) for 7 days.



The more you participate and share, the more you are entered into daily giveaways and opportunities to be highlighted on social media.

Gotta spoil ya!


At the end of 7 days, you will have practiced new skills, learned some key tips and tricks for open water swimming, and will feel a bit more confident!

I want that for you!