Stored here are all past challenge days for you to catch up, review, watch a video again. If you are jumping in with us after the first day, that's a-okay! Start by watching the DAY ONE video. Remember: Get creative, and have fun! 

DAY 10 - You Made it ~ Congratulations!


Whoops! Sorry for that rogue email at 6am...sometimes I can't control the internet!! hahaha!!

Yesterday you created your SFD and if you didn't get to it, TODAY IS A NEW DAY!! Hop into #rttc10dayroutine in Instagram, FAcebook, and Twitter to get inspired by other peoples SFDs. If you don't know what an SFD is, revisit yesterdays challenge!  

TONIGHT: Online Party to celebrate, AND ASK QUESTIONS! 6pm Mountain, Link to hop in at 6pm!

Yesterday's giveaway winner: We picked FOUR winners, because, well, it's the last day, and giving stuff away makes me happy! @tgeist23, @the_ironhobbit, @berry.fit.chick, and @keciapf you all have won an Addverb Water Bottle! You know, for writing your routine on! Reply to this email with your snail mail addy and we'll get that out to each of you

There are two final steps to really hammer home this routine, they get left out the most often, and they are uber-important, watch the video to find out what they are...


Inspired Action

If you put together your SFD yesterday for your personal routine for inevitable success, TODAY we put it into practice!

Can you see what a game changer this can be for you? Did you get excited just knowing you have a tool in your toolbox that you can pull out anytime to put yourself in the energy state that yields SUCCESS? I got excited for you! 

Give that ritual a test drive today, see what needs tweaking! What took mojo to incorporate...ditch that...what was the most fun part? Add MORE of that! 

If you didn't put together your routine yesterday, TODAY is that DAY! Like I said, when in doubt, slap your 5 favorite challenges on a piece of paper and call it good. It's not about perfection, you have already done the heavy lifting. THEY ALL WORK!

It can be so easy to think that we have learned enough by doing 90%. I see this as a triathlon coach constantly. Athletes often stop just short of completion, when usually, that last 5% is literally easy as cake. 

The moment you're ready to quit, is usually the moment right before the miracle happens! Don't give up!

At rising Tide Triathlon coaching, we ask our athletes to reach out if they are frustrated, confused, or STUCK, and I want you to do the same.


Come get unstuck, come put the final touches on your routine, come ask questions, share stories, and celebrate with us. It's so important...for us...and for you. 

TONIGHT - Thursday - Click here at 6pm Mountain Time to JOIN IN!



In a culture such as ours with a strong work ethic, many of us neglect to develop celebration rituals around our accomplishments. Check out this article about Celebration Rituals, what they mean, and why we need them!

Todays Challenge ~~ Find SOME WAY to Celebrate what you did the last 10 days. 

We would love to see you at 6pm as we celebrate! Giveaways....um yes...duh!

Remember ~~ Post your completed challenge to win the giveaways, connect with other challenge participants, and keep yourself accountable! 

Thanks for having FUN with us over the last 10 days! 


DAY 9 - Pulling Things Together

My Goodness!

I'm sitting here in the early early morning, sipping a cup of Mountain Thunder Tea, reading through all the awesome challenge submissions yesterday. You all are really in the groove now!  

[So tasty! Check #rttc10dayroutine on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for all the yummy scents and tastes selected yesterday]

DON'T FORGET ~~ tomorrow we are celebrating, sharing, and happy dancing in an online PARTY at 6pm Mountain time. Will there be more giveaways? HECK YES!! The link to join the party will be in tomorrows challenge email. 

Yesterday's giveaway winner: @sprinkleshannon reply to this email with your snail mail addy and we'll send you a selection of herbal teas, Mmmm

Check out todays video to hear me talk through my personal routine for MOTIVATION, it will get your creativity flowing...


Inspired Action

Today you are going to create the FIRST DRAFT of your personalized routine for inevitable success. It's a day to leave the perfectionism behind, don't overthink things.  

Promise me you will continue to bring fun to this, okay Sonja?

Start off with reviewing your last 7 days of completed challenge exercises. Sit with each of them for about 30 seconds and make a mental note of your favorites. 

NOW - Select 4-5 of the challenge days that either:

  • feel the most fun
  • feel easy and effortless

~~~ Remember, if you are using MOJO, or willpower you are headed in the WRONG direction. Back up the truck, put it in reverse, and look for EASY and/or FUN.

Some of your challenge days might need a little beefing up, or tweaking so that they start to come together in the right way. That watermelon you used for the senses might turn into a secret stash of watermelon Jolly Ranchers.

NEXT - think about FLOW. 

~~~ I highly urge you start with either your playlist, or your senses. Those are both great for kicking off a routine. What task would keep it mojo free? For me, starting a playlist takes no mojo, but going downstairs and getting a handful of Espresso Beans does. Think easy!

~~~ Imagine the state you will be in when you are starting this routine....you are in a place of lack, a state that is the opposite of your Day 1 intention. Think of how you are going to use these challenges to build momentum into your Intention. 

~~~ End with your brain warm up exercise. That is going to be money and the final straw to launch you into your Day 1 intention. 

Feeling stuck? Slap any 5 of your challenges together and call it good... There is time to tweek and adjust!



Anne Lamott talks about her shitty first draft, a term Brene Brown uses in her recent book Rising Strong (read slowly or the accumulation of truth might blow your mind)

"Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor, the enemy of the people. It will keep you cramped and insane your whole life, and it is the main obstacle between you and a shitty first draft"  Anne Lamott

Todays Challenge ~~ Put together your SFD for your routine 

Pick 4-5 challenges to highlight and decide how you are going to plop them together for the first draft of your routine for inevitable success. 

Remember ~~ Post your completed challenge to win the giveaways, connect with other challenge participants, and keep yourself accountable! 

with enthusiasm, xoxo


DAY 8 - Tapping Into Your Senses

Hey Hey!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!! Thursday December 10th at 6pm we are having an ONLINE PARTY to share, revisit some of the best posts, answer questions and celebrate YOU for making it to the end of the challenge. I'm bringing a bottle of champagne! WebLink to join will be in the Day10 email.

All that Power posing that happened yesterday was pretty darn amazing, check #rttc10dayroutine on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't done so! VICTORY!

Yesterday's giveaway winner: Amy Farrell reply to this email with your SHOE SIZE, snail mail addy and we'll send you a pair of black and white stripped socks with a huge pink lightening bolt on them...because they are awesome...just like you! If you did not catch the video yesterday on Facebook of Amy face dancing...well...you missed out...go look it up, pure hilarious! 

Check out todays video for the FINAL BABY STEP of our routine...


Inspired Action

One more step to complete today before we bring things together!

I hope you have had fun during this challenge! I sure have!

Smells and Tastes can connect us to a time, a place, a memory, a feeling or an emotion. 

If you need to go from a low energetic state to a high energy state:

  • caffeine, or bright smells work well

If you need to go from a high energy state to a calmer more introspective place:

  • tea, or floral scents are the way to go.

Also helpful,

Think of foods or smells that link back to successful moments, memories, or instances in your life.

You are a PRO at connecting your challenge to you intention by now, use your creativity and incorporate something that's going to tap you into either the success you are after, or the emotion you hope to feel.  

Guess what? You made it through the hard part! I'm so proud of you for doing some deep digging into your soul and learning more about yourself in the process! 



"The sensation of flavor is actually a combination of taste and smell,     

If you hold your nose and start chewing a jelly bean taste is limited, but open your nose midway through chewing and then you suddenly recognize apple or watermelon."

--Tom Finger (a professor at the University of Colorado-DenverMedical School)

Todays Challenge ~~ Taste, Touch or Smell your Day 1 Intention 

Find a food or smell that taps you into your day 1 intention. 

Remember ~~ Post your completed challenge to win the giveaways, connect with other challenge participants, and keep yourself accountable! 

Where did I put those chocolate covered espresso beans? xoxo


DAY 7 - Wake Up That Brain


Great job hangin' tough through yestedays challenge, I'm proud of you! Today I give you a breather, this one is quick and awesome. Check out #rttc10dayroutine on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for pep talk galore! It was juicy! 

Yesterday's giveaway winner[s]: We went big with TWO winners @melissakc_djd and @haleychura23 reply to this email with your snail mail addy and we are going to send you both a MALA made by the amazing Britt Nemeth. Every knot was tied with an intention. 

Todays video is going to teach you WHICH brain exercise matches your intention, and well, there may be more dancing...


Inspired Action

Do you know which brain exercise to use for your intention?

Here's a recap:

Bringing the Hemispheres Together: Use this for the willpower and follow through intentions where you need your brain to deliver fully for you:

  • Toughness
  • Motivation
  • Patience
  • Resilience
  • Focus
  • Quieting the Mind
  • The Eye of the Tiger...

Victory and Power Posing: Use this for intentions that require you to be strong, be tough, get through something challenging.

  • Belief in Self
  • Confidence
  • Courage
  • Bravery
  • Self love
  • Jumping off Things...

Dancing: Works great for the joyful, fun, happy, adventurous, whimsical intentions

  • Joy
  • Love the Process
  • Have Fun
  • Adventurous
  • Excitement
  • Enthusiasm
  • Loving Anything Really....

Now that you know which one, it's time to practice, to TRAIN! 3x30 seconds will do! See, I promised it was QUICK! 



Amy J.C. Cuddy, an assistant professor and researcher at the Harvard Business School studied power posing extensively and found that simply holding one's body in expansive, "high-power" poses for as little as two minutes stimulates higher levels of testosterone (the hormone linked to power and dominance in the animal and human worlds) and lower levels of cortisol (the stress hormone)... 

Todays Challenge ~~ Practice your Brain Warm up, 4x 30 seconds...you know...for training! Post a picture of you in action.

Remember ~~ Post your completed challenge to win the giveaways, connect with other challenge participants, and keep yourself accountable! 

Striking the victory pose for you today, xoxo


DAY 6 - Productive Pep Talks


Yesterdays mantras were flying left and right and I can tell that YOU are really getting the concept of aligning these challenges with your Day 1 intention. Be sure to check out all the rhyming, chiming, and inspiring mantras that were shared in YESTERDAYS CHALLENGE by searching Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for #rttc10dayroutine 

Yesterday's giveaway winner: I have been so excited for this one! @ironvet2084 we are going to take your mantra: "follow your arrow" and turn it into a custom GOLD or SILVER Flash tattoo and send you a packet of 50 of them to stick on when you need them!! Reply to this email with your snail mail addy and we'll get the ball rolling! EXCITE!!

Check out todays video to find out how many positive emotions you need to counteract the effects of one negative emotion...


Inspired Action

I'm going to make creating this pep talk easy-peasy for you today. I've got a script and you are going to be able to PLUG and PLAY! 

Did you just make a big WHEW sound? I know, me too....

Grab a sheet of paper and follow along: 

WRITE DOWN: "Hi__________"

     --->> then add your name, your nickname, what your friends call you, what you wish your friends called you... make it personal!

WRITE DOWN: "I know you feel __________"

     --->> then add what the opposite of your Day 1 intention is, you know, that feeling of uug, or poor me, or I just want to sit on the couch, that one!

WRITE DOWN: "Your goal is to  __________"

     --->> now write a little about your intention and what you hope it brings you

WRITE DOWN: "and in order to do that you might have to  __________"

     --->> now write down all the things you need to do that you don't want to, especially when you are feeling the opposite or you intention.

WRITE DOWN: "You have__________"

     --->> write as many support structures as you can think of

WRITE DOWN: "and here's what you have to gain__________"

     --->> then add all you have to gain from racing/training/being in sync with your Day 1 intention

WRITE DOWN: "__________, I know you can do this"

     --->> Add back in your name.

Here's a few examples, and for another one you can watch the end of the challenge video again!

Hi Babygirl! I know you feel super lazy right now and you don't want to get off the couch to go running. But hun, your goal is show up to training motivated and excited to get the job done, and in order to do that you might have to do a little dancing, and shoot off a text message to a friend to ask for support. You have lots of people that would love to text you back, brand new running shoes waiting to be broken in, and a dog who would love to go, and here's what you have to gain: deep fitness, self confidence, and a deep breath of fresh air. Babygirl, I know you can do this!

Hi Skipper! I know you feel super stuck in your daily routine right now, doing the same thing day after day. Your goal is to bring more adventure and joy to your training and racing so that you can see new sights and meet new people this year, and in order to do that you might have to make some calls to friends, look up a new running trail, or plan a new adventure that pushes you out of your comfort zone. You have lots of friends that wish someone would invite them, and those maps you bought of that trail system are sitting right on your coffee table. Here's what you have to gain; that big toothy grin that happens after an adventure, sheer joy in the process, and an experience that keeps you grounded in the now. Skipper, I know you can do this. 

I've taken the guess work out, so that you can have fun with it. 



Watch these pep talks, and feel your mood, energy, motivation and inspiration change. 

  1. The ultimate pep-talk from Kid President
  2. The longest pep talk you ever needed 
  3. I so love this one
  4. Why do we fall?

Todays Challenge ~~ Design your Pep Talk 

Use the voice memo function on your phone or computer and record your pep talk. Snap a photo of your script to post! 

Remember ~~ Post your completed challenge to win the giveaways, connect with other challenge participants, and keep yourself accountable! 

I know you can do this,


DAY 5 - Meaningful Mantras

My Goodness!

I'm sitting here in my magic hat about to head out for a smashingly awesome early morning run. Be sure to check out all the magical superstitious totems, figurines, stickers, nail polish, necklaces, socks, crumpled up paper and even an adorable monkey named JoJo that surfaced during YESTERDAYS CHALLENGE.  

[It's hilarious really, check #rttc10dayroutine on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook]

Yesterday's giveaway winner: @cmbare reply to this email with your snail mail addy and we'll send you a set of magic hats in purple and teal. Seriously...PRs happen in these hats, races are won in these bad boys. Yes Please!

Check out todays video to find out the ONE BIG WORD I am dropping on you today, and why...


Inspired Action

Mantras are little phrases that anchor us into what it feels like to be at our best.

Whoop, tell me you didn't just get a little excited?

They take many different forms and you can really get creative here, but to help you out, here are some guidelines to follow when creating a mantra for your routine for inevitable success: 

~~~ Connect to your intention, you may even start with your intention and work from there

~~~ Use funky creative words. You can even use words that aren't words, like funner, funning, relaxer, chillax, diggity, fliggity, radtastic

"Lighter, Softer, Faster, Relaxer" from Tara Anderson, a Boulder runner

~~~ Keep it short, and memorable

~~~ Stay positive, and whatever you do, don't vocalize what you don't want. Phrases like "No pain, no gain", "clear your mind of can't" or "pain is weakness leaving the body" highlight the feelings you don't want. Don't fall into this trap! 

~~~ Use action words, especially ones that connect you to what it feels like to be at your best like: climb, fly, lead, leap, push, pull

~~~ Three words with the same first letter work really well, Bold, Brave, Boss, as do words with the same ending, Lighter, Faster, Stronger

When in doubt, think about what you will desperately need to hear when you are in a state that is NOT your day 1 intention. What will resonate deeply?



Mantras direct thoughts away from the negative and into the positive. Positive mindset is often the key difference between those who train and race with Mental Tenacity, and those who don't. Mental Tenacity is made up of:

  1. persistence
  2. problem solving
  3. optimism
  4. resilience

Todays Challenge ~~ Mantra Creation

Pick 1-3 words or a quick phrase and decide how you will incorporate this mantra. Will it be written on your wrist, taped to your water bottles, a piece of clothing, jewelry?

Remember ~~ Post your completed challenge to win the giveaways, connect with other challenge participants, and keep yourself accountable! 

Live, Love, Laugh, xoxo


DAY 4 - A Touch of Magic


I am blown away by the creativity happening with these challenges so far. Truly inspired + energized! Your playlists had me jamming majorly all yesterday and I spent like $30 on iTunes downloading new jams you suggested.

If you haven't created your functional playlist yet, make sure to check out yesterdays challenge, it's all about that bass! [To check out the awesome, search #rttc10dayroutine on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook]

Yesterday's giveaway winner: @sharkyj used Learn to Fly as the opener in her playlist for diligence and focused energy. She's won a $20 iTunes gift card to download some new beats! Reply to this email with your address and we'll send that right over to you.

Check out todays video for 5 examples of athletes bringing some magic into their game...

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible"     --Walt Disney


Inspired Action

If you already have a good luck charm or superstition that you use I want you to shine the microscope on it today and ask yourself:

  • What successful moment in your life it connects you to?
  • When was the first time you used it?
  • Where did that superstition come from?
  • Is it in line with your day 1 intention?
  • Is it in harmony or dissonance with what you are trying to create your routine around?

If you don't have a good luck charm or superstition, today is your lucky day! The key information you need to know here is that it should connect you to what success looks like for you! Ask yourself:

  • When did you feel most successful? [you can use inspiration from any area of your life]
  • What were you wearing, eating, or doing?
  • What colors, shapes, smells, or objects stand out?
  • What feels easy, fun, and silly, but reinforces a time when you nailed your intention from day 1? 

From stuffed animals, shoes you had a great performance in, to double braids or special hair ties, the universe is literally full of infinite possibilities in this area.

Today is the day to get creative, and customize this challenge to you.

Make sure you tap into success around your day 1 intention.

If you are focusing on pre-workout motivation, wearing your race shoes might be perfect, but if it's pre-race confidence, your lucky swim cap might make more sense. 



There is quite a bit of science behind superstition and good luck charms, check out this article on the research and how it relates to performance. 

Todays Challenge ~~ Post a photo of your good luck charm or describe your superstition. 

Remember ~~ Post your completed challenge to win the giveaways, connect with other challenge participants, and keep yourself accountable! 

you have to believe to achieve,



DAY 3 - Functional Playlists

Hey There !

My heart is warm from yesterdays challenge! You all nailed the intention behind the challenge, it was good juju!!! If you didn't get to the challenge yesterday I'm here to give you a nudge...get busy with it! [To see other athletes tapping into their support, just search #rttc10dayroutine on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook]

Yesterday's giveaway winner: @JPelt923 tapped into her network for BALANCE and it was a beautiful moment. Boom! Nailed it! Jessica reply to this email with your address and we'll be sending you a A YEAR OF GRATITUDE from Uncommon Goods to keep you connected to you awesome supporters.

Watch todays video for a good laugh...yes there is dancing... 


Inspired Action

Standing on the start line, Eminem comes on and the deep base starts to resonate within your body. Music makes us feel something...it's science!!

Christopher Bergland talks here about the Neuroscience of Music, Mindset, and Motivation

A functional playlist is a short list of 2-4 songs that gets you into a particular mood.

These aren't necessarily your favorite songs of the moment, these songs tap you into joy, confidence, courage, balance, motivation, resilience....your intention set on day one.

Function means that they serve a purpose, these songs are a step on the path to your intention...it's a bit of a lifehack honestly! 

In a few days time we are going to tie this playlist into your routine in a way that sets the tone and gets your body and thoughts headed in the right direction.

This is your soundtrack for success, choose wisely!  



When I set up my personal routine for motivation, the first song on my playlist was 

~~~ Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.

After using my routine five times, simply the act of turning on this song transported my motivation level to about 50%, and it does to this day.

When I hear it on the radio, I instantly think about running, it's amazing how powerful music can be! 

Todays Challenge ~~ Create your functional playlist

  • Chose 2-4 songs that are specific to your Day 1 intention
  • Program it as a playlist into your phone or ipod,
  • Give the playlist a catchy title, and
  • Post a screen shot! (On your iphone you can take a screen shot by holding the circle button and the right side button at the same time)

Remember ~~ Post your completed challenge to win the giveaways, connect with other challenge participants, and keep yourself accountable! 

Busting a move,



Day 2 - Rally the Troops

Happy Wednesday ! 

Um, WOW! I loved all the amazing intention photos from yesterdays Set Intention challenge. Just search #rttc10dayroutine on Insta, Twitter, or FB to see all the energy!

Joy, Confidence, lots of COURAGE, some relaxation, motivation, strength, and tenacity was flying through social media! 

Yesterday's giveaway winner: @STACEYPRIVIA Whoop! Happy Dance! Stacey reply to this email and we'll be sending you a special treat from Spark Notebook [I have a notebook obsession, and this is one of my favorites].

Watch todays video to learn the two things you need to think about when completing todays challenge...


Inspired Action

Looking back on the intention you set yesterday I want you to select 3 people in your life that either:

~~~ Expect you to "show up" in racing or training with that Day 1 intention


~~~ Believe that you possess that Day 1 intention (even when you don't think you do)

Now it's time to get creative. My favorite part!!

I want you to think of 3 ACTIONS that incorporate one of these people into your routine (don't worry if you are a little confused on how the routine in going to come together...just take it step by step).

You need some point of connection with one of these special individuals, gotta tap into their expectation for you.

Some examples of actions to get your creative juices flowing (check social media too):

~ Ask one of your peeps to text you a motivational quote about CONFIDENCE

~ Write the initials of your three people on your arm who expect you to race with JOY

~ Tape a photo to your bike handle bars of the people who sacrificed so you could race with COURAGE

~ Ask for a pep talk from someone who expects you to believe in yourself, and yes, if you are a Rising Tide Triathlon Coaching athlete you can choose any of our coaches for this step! 

The key here is to select the right individual based on the intention set yesterday. 

We are not actually following through with these ACTIONS today, we are just outlining them! 



I can hear some of you thinking, "I don't want to inconvenience people with my routine" You might be shy or the routine you are setting up might be for a situation that you need personal space. Totally cool, and guess what, not necessary.

Writing their initials somewhere, taping a photo to your bike, or putting together a short album of photos will totally do the trick. Keep it easy and keep it fun. If it feels like it would take even a little MOJO, it won't work! 

Todays Challenge ~~ Post a photo of one of your three special people that you plan to incorporate into your routine and write a little blurb about how you plan to integrate them into your routine. Keep it simple!

Remember ~~ Post your completed challenge to win the giveaways, connect with other challenge participants, and keep yourself accountable!

Happy Dancing,



Day 1 - Setting Intentions 


A huge welcome to Day 1 of the 10-day Rising Tide Routines for Inevitable Success Challenge. Happy dancing with excitement over here! 

It's time to have some fun while developing ROUTINES that make success in triathlon heaps easier...

Each day we will start out with a short video from yours truly to both educate and motivate you so you gain both the knowledge and energy to tackle the challenge.

I'm going to tell you the one thing you must have in place to develop a successful routine...


Inspired Action

At RTTC when we write training plans, there is always an intention/goal/destination/desire built into them, and when you create ROUTINES the same needs to be true, we need a destination, end goal, intention, feeling, desire that you want more of.

Your intention is going to guide your routine creation over the next 9 days.

This is the dream big day...

What have you been wanting more of? What is lacking in your triathlon experience? What do you need a little magical boost of? Some fairy dust that bestows ______ on you? Think big, dream big, allow yourself to go there today, I give you permission. Don't be shy with what you want! 



"but Sonja, I hate routines, I'm not a routine kinda person"

I totally get it, me neither, doing the same thing every day makes me break out in hives. Here's the cool thing about having a routine in place that's

  • custom
  • functional
  • "all you"

You only use it when you need it!

It's a tool in your toolbox that you will pull out only when it matters most. Now, hop to it. 

Todays Challenge ~~ Select a Feeling/Intention for your future routine and post a photo that reminds you of that feeling to social media.

Remember ~~ Post your completed challenge to win the giveaways, connect with other challenge participants, and keep yourself accountable!

You can do this, I believe in you,



P.S. Tomorrow we dive into the first of 8 steps to creating your routine, EEEeee I can't wait!