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Do you struggle getting out the door for important training sessions?

Or maybe... for all workouts? Oh my gosh, I have been there! Motivation isn't something we have or don't have, it's created!

Do you feel out of control before races, or brimming with anxiety, unable to calm down, find your focus, or feel confident?

     Um, yea, I used to as time I contemplated quitting the sport because of how uncomfortable I felt the 40 minutes before the gun was about to go off. Pure anxiety!

I have a secret...You can design a pre-race or pre-workout routine that magically transports you into a focused, motivated, confident, calm, or energetic state, AND... it's actually fun to create and execute!

That's what I call INEVITABLE SUCCESS!

When I started implementing routines, it was a GAME CHANGER for me! No more forcing myself out the door and using up all my precious mojo...seriously, mojo is not unlimited! I'm going to give you the exact steps over 10 days for you to create a pre-race or pre-workout routine that will fit so well into your life, you will be itching to use it. 

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10 - Day Challenge Breakdown


Starting December 1st you will receive a challenge each day delivered straight to your inbox (did I mention it's free) for 10 days.



The more you participate and share, the more you are entered into daily giveaways and opportunities to be highlighted on social media.

Gotta spoil ya!


At the end of 10 days, you will be able to go from ZERO to TEN without having to force it.

I want that for you!

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